Some German publications literally have “escaped” and are completely out of reach. An assessment of Sunday’s rally (20/01), against the Prespa Agreement, is being held today by the German-speaking Press. German and Austrian media, are concerned with the reaction of a large part of the Greeks to the prospect of naming the neighboring country Democracy of Northern Macedonia, with Berliner Zeitung noting that “Greece is mourning and boycotting Macedonia”.

Also, there is a historical review of the reasons Greeks are being led into the reaction, but also of what is expected to happen in the Greek Parliament with the approval of the Agreement.

Worse? They claim that Macedonia is not Greek! Berlin is exposed while at the same time depositing A. Tsipras!

Berliner Zeitung

An extensive comment on the Macedonian issue, with references to the multicultural past of Macedonia and Thessaloniki, is given by Berliner Zeitung. The newspaper notes, among other things: “Since Macedonia emerged as a state after the fall of the former Yugoslavia, Greece has suffered and boycotted it. The reason: Only the northeastern province of Macedonia with its capital, Thessaloniki, may use this historical name.

After long European mediation a compromise arose last year: Macedonia was renamed Northern Macedonia. But that is not enough for two-thirds of Greeks, according to polls. They believe that the geographic identification and hence the reduction to the conqueror Macedonian King Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) belong only to them.

But there are some elements that contradict all this. Firstly, the modern Greek state has so much to do with ancient Macedonia as the present-day Germany with the Empire of Charlemagne. The second argument is somewhat heavier: the present Greek province of Macedonia was for centuries part of the Ottoman Empire. Greece attached this region in 1912. In Athens they spoke about ‘New Greece’. Since the Greek-speaking inhabitants of the region were a minority of 25%, there was an intention at the outset to “Hellenized” the region with extremely controversial means … “

The commentator finally notes: “One thing seems clear: there is no monopoly on the name Macedonia, but there are some Hellenistic-type fantasies.”

Did Philip and Alexander the Great speak … Slavic? Is the word Macedonian Slavic? Or maybe Alexander the Great, whom everyone knows as a Greek, was … Slav?

Those who wrote this article would be better to learn history and not to mention arguments that ridicule and expose them.

Kleine Zeitung

An attempt to explain the reasons that prompted tens of thousands to protested in Athens is also attempted by the Austrian Kleine Zeitung, in an article titled “Why Greeks Revolt Against Northern Macedonia?”. There, inter alia, it is stated: “In addition to the Greeks themselves, it is difficult for many in Europe to understand what is happening. In Austria they call the Balkan country simply Macedonia. It is internationally called FYROM because Athens, 30 years after the fall of Yugoslavia, refuses to recognize it … “.

The article observes: “In fact the geographical region of Macedonia includes both FYROM and the Macedonia region in northern Greece. However, the Greeks do not want to renounce the cultural heritage of historic Macedonia under Alexander the Great, who, according to historians, acted mainly in today’s northern Greece. And of course, the neighboring country has not shown compromise in the last few decades. “

Many Greeks, the newspaper notes, because of references to earlier Macedonian school books and because the first constitution of the country referred to possible border changes and “rights of all those who belong
to the Macedonian people, are still afraid that this country will raise territorial claims. However, as the newspaper notes, the patriotic concerns of the two countries now stand against their common economic and political interests, seeks stability in the region. He also notes that the neighboring country is an important economic partner for Greece, and there is strong mobility among residents. “

They Glorify Tsipras

“The basic tone of the rally was hostile, chauvinist.” The “tactician” of Tsipras will probably be able to ratify the agreement, which will surely secure “a place in the Greek textbooks of history”, but at the same time a “nationalist hatred of pan-Hellenic dimensions” will be left behind.

Did you say anything? The masks fell.

Germany is the one behind the solution here and now of Skopje on the horizon of obligatory partitioning of Greece over the next 10 years. So who is behind a non-existent Skopje state after the Americans. The Germans who broke Yugoslavia so badly did them in the Second World War along with Greece. Nothing but anything is random and we will continue.

Why they ‘re on fire about this?

But how will the Cypriot and Greek deposits to be brought to mining to Central Europe? How will the Russians be released?

LNG transport tanker and Axios Danube connection.

It is worth mentioning here that, according to the Skopje, the US has built in Skopje its third largest embassy in the world. What will such a large embassy need in Skopje?

With a few, we conclude this. Thessaloniki will be the port of Skopje under the Tsipras-Zaev agreement for FYROM’s new “name” and the practical application of International Law on the Sea to the “enclosed” state of Northern Macedonia, which lacks shores and seas.

The agreement, therefore, enshrines the rights of Northern Macedonia as an “enclosed” state for free access to the Aegean Sea, the exploitation of the Greek EEZ, fishing in the Greek seas, the use of Greek ports and the acquisition of a naval merchant fleet and a naval flag.

(The central image comes from an older map, but it shows what the Berlin designs have been for years)