“Fire” lights up on the Northern Greek border following the Serbian YPMD’s declaration of high risk from the “Great Albania” project, which is worse than ISIS, involving Serbia, FYROM and Greece.

A serious “message” was sent by A. Vulin, Serbian defense minister to all the capitals of the Balkan countries.

The Albanians have begun creating the so-called “Great Albania” and this is something that is constantly confirmed by many and mainly different sources.

The Serbian defense minister on this issue makes a dramatic comparison, saying in all directions that “Great Albania” is as dangerous as the Islamic terrorism of the Jihadists and even greater. “

The plan for the creation of “Great Albania” is constantly reported by Alexandr Vulin who sends “messages” continuously to all other countries and to Athens.

Vulin, speaking during an interview with the Serbian newspaper “Kurir”, said he did not expect any reaction from the “German-held” European Union to statements by Albanian leaders about this “theory” of joining all Albanians as a result of the Berlin plans for the Balkans.

“I do not expect much from the EU. However, I have warned over the years that the plan to create” Great Albania “has been carried out consistently, and now it turns out I was right.

“Great Albania” is the biggest threat to peace in the Balkans, and also to Islamic terrorism. This project can not take place without the “partitioning” of part of Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and Serbia, “Serbian defense minister said.

According to him, the goal of the Albanians is initially to damage Serbia as much as possible.

“Rama did not drop the two-state border (Albania-Kosovo) but the” border “for an Albanian union. He did not justify this move as a tax issue (Customs) or EU membership, but because Albanians live on both sides of the border and there should be no obstacles between them, “Vulin said.

Serbian YPAM said the issue of Kosovo has left the UN and has been transferred to the EU, so the process of creating “Great Albania” remains irreversible.

In essence, the Serbian minister is banging the alarm in Podgorica, Skopje and Athens while “showing” that after all, they are hiding after the West, the Germans who asked Belgrade for example to enter the EU, “Forgotten” the issue of Kosovo and the Serbs to change the constitution.

Such policies have been in place for a few years on the Balkan peninsula, which, following the Prespa agreement, has been on the path of ugly developments.