A bomb report was presented yesterday by US Foreign Minister M. Popeo, causing terror and anger at the Erdogan regime because he divided Turkey without really understanding the word.

Today it is known that Kurds of Turkey are preparing a campaign, asking Erdogan for their inalienable right to education in their mother tongue the Kurdish, preparing for big things as it seems.

The Kurdish Language Platform plans to launch a mobilization to make education and promotion of Kurdish language a reality in Turkey, starting with the publication of brochures and the creation of a board of directors.

“Kurdish is an official language and must be studied in all parts of the country. We call on the government to create a state institution for our language, such as the Council of the Kurdish language … “, said Serefan Kjuri, the spokesman for the Kurdish Language Platform at a press conference Wednesday.

Ksiri added that the issue would be voted in parliament and would receive the relevant line from the government.

“… Because we live in this country and fulfill all our duties as citizens, such as the payment of taxes and compulsory military service, we have this right,” he said.

Nine Kurdish parties in Turkey held a campaign to support their language at the end of last year, urging Kurds to speak only their mother tongue.

Kurdish is not an official language in Turkey despite the fact that there are about 20 million Kurds in the country.

They are allowed to speak their native language at home, although the government has allowed some government TV channels to show programs in Kurdish.

The platform will launch a campaign for the International Day of the native language on 21 April 2018 with the slogan “The Kurds are our identification and our existence” in Diyarbakir, distributing leaflets that encourage Kurds to speak Kurdish at home and outside.

“Let’s concentrate on Kurdish speaking and studying and thinking Kurdish,” said Knitri.

During the Newroz celebrations, which mark the beginning of Kurdish time, Kurdish political parties will publish posters and speak in Kurdish.

It should be noted that when a Kurdish politician speaks to the Turkish Parliament, the recorder simply places an “X” in the official record. At different times, the Kurds were described as “mountain Turks who had forgotten their language.

Many Kurdish language programs in prominent universities have been suspended in Turkey over the last decade.

The lack of formal education in Kurdish in Turkey means that some prominent Kurdish officials, including former HDP deputy Selahattin Demirtas, can not communicate with their comrades in Kurdish.

The Kurmanji dialect is the most common Kurdish dialect in Turkey and around the world. More and more, this language is recognized electronically by Google, Microsoft and other software companies. Much of the preservation of language is done by linguists and academics abroad.

The essence of all these movements is that through the language, customs and all that unite a people, the Kurdistan state will be created in the future for a homogenous nation that is not yet home.

Also information from the Turkish authorities refers to protests in general “dissidents” in Turkey after the municipal elections on 31 March 2019.

Because many circumstances are gathering, it is estimated that Erdogan may also face a wave of popular dissatisfaction due to inflation and expensive food prices with all possibilities now being open to ‘neighbors’.