The US plan for border change in Kosovo has been released through American non-paper showing that Presevo, Trepca and Bujanovac go to Kosovars, but not the whole of North Kosovo in Serbia.

However, the most alarming is the creation of autonomous regions that want to identify themselves, resulting in the creation of de facto territorial islands near states, creating an explosive situation in the future of the region.

Also, all of this setting puts us in bad thoughts about the future of entire countries in the Balkans in the coming years from the plans of the new order, because that’s what it is about.

The Albanian newspaper “SOT” presented the US plan to change the border between Serbia and Kosovo, giving the details of a preliminary document, stating exactly what the Americans want to do.

First, it is expected that on June 12 this year, Kosovo presidents Hashim Thaci and Serbia Alexander Vucic will have to sign the agreement and close the conflicts between them once and for all.

But how will land distribution be made?

Hashim Thaci spoke of a “correction” of the border and denied partition of Kosovo, to convince his own audience, of course.

But the Americans have thought of a plan, which according to their own logic must satisfy both sides.

The two main areas that have “fallen on the table” are those of Presevo (Serbia) and Mitrovica (Kosovo).

According to the SOT paper, the US plan will bring the area of ​​Presevo and Klenike back to the territory of Kosovo.

New Kosovo borders are planned to be located in the vicinity of Bilace.

With regard to Mitrovica and Bujanovac, these two areas will be declared “Special Areas” with the Americans using the term “Special District”.

But what is this new system?

As there are conflicts for these two areas, these areas will become somewhat independent.

There are many regions in the US with this status, and their inhabitants manage their own situation in some areas.

Thus, Mitrovica (Kosovo) and Bujanovac (Srebria) will be considered as “self-managed” areas, both politically and economically, without being affected by Kosovo or Serbia. They will create their own governing bodies and will remain so.

Another controversial area is Medvedja (South Serbia).

According to the plan, it is foreseen that up to eight villages in this region will be attached to Kosovo while the rest will remain in Serbia.

The Americans thought of a solution to Trepça (rich in mines) and Lake Ujmani.

Both areas will be privatized. Lake Ujman will be privatized for 99 years by English companies and will have a special status (Status Special). Trepça mines will also be privatized for 99 years (by US, French, Russian and Chinese companies) and will have a special status.

Other Sections

According to the US draft of the SOT, corridor 10 will have an International Protected Way protected area, including Orthodox churches in the area.

All Serbian churches in Kosovo will be declared independent.

For Zvecan, Zupin Patok and Leposavic (Kosovo), these territories are in Serbia.

Both countries will erase their debts with each other, while Serbia will recognize the state of Kosovo.

The Cepotin Bazaar area near Bujanovac (Serbia) will become part of Kosovo.

The aim of all these territorial “movements” is to sign the final pact between the two countries on June 12 in Washington.

So the Americans are trying to establish peace between Serbia and Kosovo after they have plunged all the fillets through privatization and have created autonomous regions near states.

The logic in this plan is to serve mainly the plans of multinational companies, and to have an inexpensive peace in the Balkans.

Because that’s what we’re talking about, not about US states, to get business as usual.