Their “teeth” are being shown in Iran by the Israeli Armed Forces by carrying out a test of the Arrow 3 anti-missile weaponry, which can destroy Iran’s ballistic missiles that threaten Israel.

The Israeli Armed Forces successfully carried out a new test of the “Arrow 3” missile defense system, which could destroy Iran’s ballistic missiles.

This test is an important milestone in Israel’s operational capabilities and ability to defend itself.

While Iran is continuing to underestimate the evolution of its missile arsenal, which is shared with Hezbollah, a serious threat posed to Israel.

The test was conducted by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force.

The IAI, in its statement, says that once the “enemy” ballistic missile was launched, the Arrow 3 airborne radar detected the missile and transferred the data to their combat control program, which then “drew up a defensive plan”. Then an Arrow 3 missile was launched from central Israel and destroyed the “hostile” missile successfully.

“This successful test confirms the ability of Israeli Armed Forces to protect the country’s citizens and neutralize any existing and future threat to the country’s security in the area,” said Israeli Anti-Missile Defense Force Commander, Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves.

“My congratulations to the Israeli Missile Defense Organization, the Israeli Air Force, our MDA team and our industry partners. We commit ourselves to helping the Israeli government to upgrade the capability of national missile defense from emerging threats. “

The Arrow 3 anti-missile defense system is an important part of Israeli multi-level anti-missile defense. Israel’s multi-level missile defense is based on four layers: the Iron Dome for short-range missiles and rockets, David’s Sling for mid-range missiles, and Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 for long-range missiles.

The Arrow 3 system was delivered to the Israeli Air Force in January 2017.