Israel has now decided to play “hard” with Turkey for this, and limits in a thousand two ways the entry of Turkish “tourists” visiting Jerusalem, especially in the Al-Aksa Mosque.

The reason is the statements of the Turkish leader on the “Third Sacred City”, which are currently under Jerusalem, as well as his attitude towards Hamas and the Palestinians.

Turkey, strongly supports Hamas and has a prominent presence in East Jerusalem, as shown by the Turkish flags that the Palestinians call at every opportunity.

In addition, the Israeli Security Council proposed limiting the action of the Turkish Organization for Co-operation and Co-ordination (TIKA), whose office is in East Jerusalem, and assists the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Adah Enihayat, head of the Burak organization, organizing excursions to Jerusalem, told Sabah that Israel has banned the mass entrance of Turks visiting the Sacred City, and said the authorities demand that people under the age of 18 be accompanied from a parent / guardian during a visit to the city.

Israel also banned the Turks visiting the Al-Aksa Mosque from raising the flag with the crescent.


Ankara uses Muslim “tourism” to gain ground in the Temple Mount and other holy places in order to take control of these areas at some point.

Today’s Turkey, under the dangerously “charismatic” leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, intervenes in many parts of the Middle East, shortly in the Balkans for its own sake. In every region, however, he takes care of the Turkish flag.

However, Turkey’s presence in Jerusalem seems to be more public and impressive, because this city is more important to Turkey than other parts of the earth.

The reason has to do with the great Turkish interest in both Gaza and Jerusalem.

Gaza is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood’s subsidiary, Hamas, which Turkey controls a large percentage of, with the aim of controlling the great and important Temenos Al-Aqsa, the second most sacred part of Islam.

Erdogan often uses the slogan “to break the siege in Gaza” to spread hatred to Israel and gain more popularity of course.

Turkey is active in eastern Jerusalem in a number of ways, the most dangerous of which is its support for the Hamas terrorist organization.

The most visible sign of its activity is the presence of the Turkish flag publicly in Jerusalem.

Relations between Turkey and Ankara have been strained since last May when Ankara recruited its ambassador to Israel and expelled Israeli Ambassador to Ankara in response to the assassination and injury of Palestinians by Israeli security forces who protested the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

It is recalled that Turkey systematically acquires control of all mosques on the Temple Mount through extensive Turkish religious tourism.

Recently, Turkish “tourists” faced Orthodox Jews praying and studying at the Tomb of Samuel in the suburbs of Jerusalem.

At the same time, Israeli sources dealing with East Jerusalem issues have informed that Turkey has so far not formally disputed Israeli power in the eastern part of the city but is preparing to do so soon.

Turkey has already secretly built its own administration in eastern Jerusalem and is moving inexorably.

But all of this has come to the attention of the Israeli intelligence agencies who have informed the authorities and all the necessary actions have been taken.

But if these are the actions of the Turks and Sultan Erdogan in the most sacred city of Christianity in a state like Israel that has one of the best secret services, we can imagine what the Turks do in Western Thrace, southern Bulgaria, Bosnia, Albania, Skopje ka.

We simply expect how Erdogan will react after this Israeli move.