Amid continued protests by the Westphile Serb opposition in Belgrade, we have a reaction from Moscow on the confirmation of the activation of three agreements with Belgrade, the delivery of Russian equipment involving Mig-29, S-350E Vityaz and Buk-M2 .

There is also the issue of Iskander-E (export version) with a range of 270 km, and M (only for Russian forces) version has range according to US experts over 500 km.

The scenarios that circulate indicate the placement of such rockets on the Russian base of Nis while at the BVV will be guarded by Buk M2 missiles.

“The contracts were all signed during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Belgrade and they have been activated,” Viktor Kladov, head of international co-operation at Rosteh, said in an interview.

“Everything started successfully this year. Some agreements with foreign partners have already been signed, including the three contracts during a visit by Putin to Serbia, “he said.

Responding to the question about the substance of the contracts, he said it was “different missile systems, including aviation technology and aircraft”.

In October 2017, Russia delivered the first six MiG-29 fighters to Serbia.

But why all this in Serbia and what is coming to the region.

as the Croats and Albanians seem to be carrying out a NATO plan against Serbia in order to integrate Presevo (South Serbia) into Kosovo without being sure the same for North Kosovo.

Applying what Americans have long mentioned about a possible border change in the region after the Prespa agreement was signed, which seemed to be the trigger for a more general plan in our region.

On this issue, Serbian YPAM A. Vulin estimates that the propaganda of charges in the Croatian media against his country leads to thoughts about a plan of turmoil and conflict even within Serbia itself, while incidentally there are demonstrations against Vukis here and many days that put us in many thoughts.

According to former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, the chief strategic analyst of N.Trab in his election campaign, Corey Lewandowski, is the mastermind who has plans to partition Kosovo.

Next target of Lewandowski, a member of Twin Rocks in Washington, is the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be tested as a result of the reaction of the Bosnian Serbs to accept entry into NATO in an “artificial” country where three national entities .

These plans and many others that have not come to our attention warn that the CIA’s exposure to a possible ignition in the Balkans is a real and very dangerous one, with extensions everywhere in the Balkans.