He was in serious condition in the intensive clinic

The third pilot of the Russian bomber TU-22M3, crashed in the process of landing at the Murmansk Military Airport, left his last breath at the Serbian military hospital.

The Russian defense ministry had initially announced that the two pilots of the aircraft who were taken to a hospital in the Murmansk region were survivors.

It was later reported that one of the injured pilots was transferred to the intensive and the doctors thought that his condition was serious.

The aircraft, according to information from the local authorities of Murmansk, was cut into two pieces on the runway, resulting in fuel leakage but without threats to the inhabitants of the nearby Olenovsk and the homonymous settlement near the airport.

The aircraft was parked at the “Olenia” airfield located on the Kolsky peninsula, 92 km south of Murmansk, and a short distance from the city of Olenegork. Aircraft TU-22M3 is stationed on the air base. The length of the landing-take-off runway is 3,500 meters, according to the RES-EIA.

The TU-22M3 bombers have four-man crews designed to hit enemy targets at a strategic depth. The maximum speed of the aircraft is 2,300 kilometers per hour, and its range is 7,000 kilometers.